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Trojan Whore(s)

2024 The Year of Great Transformation

In memory of the children who "died suddenly" in the USA and Canada in 2023: Children 11-20

In memory of the children who "died suddenly" in the USA and Canada in 2023: Children 2-10

In memory of children who "died suddenly" in Canada in 2023: Children under 2

Government Assisted Expiration

Short, hopeful, cautionary essay to jumpstart your January

Dr Mark Trozzi: Empty Hospitals at the Height of the “Pandemic.”

Falling falling falling. The stock price of fake meat

COVID face masks overall BODY OF EVIDENCE December 2023: evidence showing total lack of effectivess, failure of mask mandates & the harms/toxicity of COVID face masks; they were NEVER ever effective

A Story of Mass Societal Stupidity in 2 Tweets

This post (not penned by me) might save your ass...

Rethinking science


A Short Essay on Dystopia, Decades in the Making

Climate Change Religion is an Extinction Cult

Summary of Everything and Quick Links, Updated - Year End 2023

USSA Banana Republik Update: Ex-FBI Counterintelligence Chief in Charge of Trump Russia "Collusion" Investigation Sentenced to 4+ Years for Colluding with Russian Oligarchs

#ShortStack: My theory on how the Elites want us to do their dirty work for them (and kill each other)

Is the WHO's house of cards collapsing?

#ShortStack: My theory on the Elites' bold play using modified (m)RNA C-19 injections to meet global depopulation goals

FENBENDAZOLE and CANCER - at least 12 Anti-Cancer mechanisms of action. Not approved by FDA. Cheap. Safe. Kills aggressive cancers. Why no Clinical Trials? Nine research papers reviewed

Should your Loved Ones Know About the Data Behind Pfizer's "Safe & Effective Vaccine"?

Salty Cracker reigns supreme

It's an invasion...

Last Chance To Get Out Of Dodge?

Do You Know This Is Happening?

Government is the business of war & nothing more

Hunter Biden Spent $872K on Hookers, Porn, Sex Clubs over 4 Years (and evaded taxes)

Croatian MEP Mislav Kolakušić Exposes the WEF's 'Great Reset' Agenda

If it's Newsom (or Biden) vs Trump in November...

10M illegal aliens since Joe was installed

Seven and a half minutes of hilarity about (grim) reality

A Cancer on Modern Journalism

The Covid 19 Suspects and Their Ties to Eugenics and Population Control/Reduction

"Winston Smith" arrested by New Zealand police

It's mandatory only if you recognize their authority.

Corporate Media is Government Media & Government Media is Corporate Media

FREEDOM RESEARCH TV. Dr. Meryl Nass on Why the New WHO Treaties Should Be Rejected

Henry Kissinger & a penguin walk into a bar...

How do you say Fuck You in Climate-Lunatic-speak?

How do you say FUCK YOU in Ireland?

Finally, A Major Media Outlet Admits Florida May Have Handled COVID Better Than California

How do you say FUCK YOU in Nigeria?

First American Hostage Released is Related to Buyer of Hunter Biden’s "Art"

I'm a card-carrying conspiritualist.

How they plan to use our cars to keep us trapped, and under absolute surveillance

Escape from New York: Technocratic Marxist School Indoctrination & Power To Detain Anyone Without Due Process on Mere Suspicion of a Communicable Disease

PART 2, which should've been PART 1, of why the Democrat party of today is irrefutably FASCIST

Cynical Publis explain(s) why it is important that we call Democrats "fascists" and not "Marxists."

BREAKING --> Not hyperbole, not exaggeration, and way worse than you can imagine: NY Gov prevails. The State can remove anyone from home w/out explanation & w/out having to be contagious.


Oops: The Daily Beast Inadvertently Boosts Sales of Company Selling HCQ and Ivermectin


THIS is How Global Government is Run (and What's Coming Next...)

Why is Everyone Concerned About the WHO?


Why expecting your real estate to protect your freedom & future is super naive...

Did you know...?

In the market for a new vehicle? Act fast. F#cking fast!

Kathy Hochul is a malevolent psychopath and a lunatic. I pretty much H@TE her. And you can tell her I said that.

NY POST: A COVID-19 vaccine reckoning is coming for the DOJ over federal mandates

breaking the tytler cycle

Fear-mongering is appropriate when warranted

A terrifying prediction for 2030

WARNING: Tedros and the Corrupt World Health Organisation Are Plotting To Bring Back “Vaccine Passports"

The First Thing You Should Do After Martial Law Is Declared

“15 Minute” Prison Cities And The End Of Private Property

Why is everyone concerned about the WHO?

Beavis and Butt-Head Get Radicalized By Infowars

'Memba when Bill Gates said his half-dozen private jets were his 'guilty pleasure'?

European Politician Breaks ‘Very Bad News’ About Digital IDs and Central Bank Digital Currencies

Confronting Pandemic Tyranny

"I'm for freedom of speech, no censorship, anti-war, and bodily autonomy"

11 Children (Ages 9-19) Had Cardiac Arrests at US Schools in the Past Month

Bill Gates is a megalomaniac Malthusian, but that's beside the point

Outcomes after Early Treatment with Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin: An Analysis of 30,423 COVID-19 patients

How Ivermectin became a Target for the ‘Fraud Detectives'

The banks. Keep an eye on the banks.

Happy Anniversary, my fellow Americans!

6 Secrets of Ivermectin: The Medication That Keeps on Giving

Why Daylight Saving Time is Stupid

Exactly What The Deep State Has Planned

New tactic: Instead of arguing with these lunatics...

Well yeah: The Ventilators, Not COVID, Destroyed Lungs

Can Ivermectin Treat Cancer? 20 Peer-Reviewed Medical Journal Articles!

MUST SEE: Global Health Project Exposes the WHO's "Pandemic Treaty" Planetary Marxist Power Grab

Senator Johnson: ‘Globalists’ Are Using Covid and Climate ‘Fear’ to ‘Control Our Lives’

Covid modified mRNA shots wreaking havoc on humans

Connecting the Dots

How Mastercard’s Digital ID Project Is Being Used by Governments To Track Health and Vaccination

UPDATE on the WHO video: I called Schiff's office & emailed too

Urgent post that will take no more than 12 minutes of your time...

Criminals in Los Angeles are running people off the road and robbing them.

Re-sending this: All Wars are Bankers' Wars

Why did Tony Fauci risk everything to call for a coverup of COVID's lab origin? There was a lot more to it than protecting himself and NIAID for sponsoring Wuhan research

Tucker is over-the-target, as usual.

It's gotta be Gates & it's not good moos

Hit em' Where It Hurts!

EXCLUSIVE RESEARCH BOMBSHELL: Possible Treatment Approach for Management of Post-COVID Vaccination Myocarditis

All Wars Are Bankers Wars

The Westminster Declaration: Ending the Censorship Industrial Complex for Newfound Commitment to Universal Human Rights & Freedom of Speech

Your climate minute

Everyone needs to read this

Manipulated Compliance

Oh, is that so?

US Senator Invokes EU’s Censorship Demands, Calls For Big Tech to Censor “Misinformation”

Trump Unleashes on ‘Corrupt’ World Health Organization in Viral Truth Social Video

Zionism and the Creation of Israel

Exit the WHO

WHO tries to sneak in IHR amendments without the approval of member states

Please don't take your eye of this ball

Friday the 13th Global Terrorism Edition: Hamas Leader Ismail Haniyeh Enjoins His Followers Around the World to Commit Acts of Violence

Meanwhile in Israel: 8-Year-Old ‘Vaccine Poster Child’ Dies After Sudden Heart Attack


Dying Cabal's Final Play? Sneak Attack On World's Most Advanced Military Surveillance Power, Horrific Images From Israel: Netanyahu: "We Will Turn Gaza Into A Deserted Island"

Their Agenda (in pictures)

A reminder that these people are not your friends & they don't care about your wellbeing...

I ripped this from Gateway Pundit

So, yeah, it's all a psy-op: Covid, Climate...and the next one!

IVERMECTIN and CANCER, it has at least 15 anti-cancer mechanisms of action. Can Ivermectin Treat COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Induced Turbo Cancers? - 9 Ivermectin papers reviewed

The Purge (2 of 2)

The purge (1 of 2)

It's National Black Dog Day!

So, yeah, it's all a psy-op: Covid, Climate...and the next one!

Reminder: A “Peaceful Culling” is Underway

This is 1984

This is 1984

Be a Happy Slave


Hey Covid Q-Anoners: HCQ works?


Ken Paxton's victory must not be in vain

It's not that they hate us, per se.

J.P. Morgan Chase's Jamie Dimon says (writes) the quiet part out loud

Their plans for us

BREAKING BOMBSHELL: What the Next "Pandemic" Will Look Like

A moment of Nez (Zen in Clown 🤡 World 🌎)

CIA-Unholy-Wood drops new predictive programming creep-fest

The world's worst people to descend upon New York City next week

Watch this. You're welcome.

Federal Reserve CBDC & IRS A.I. 'Crackdown' Are The Twin-Pronged Attack to Strip Away All Privacy & Freedom

The FDA is lying. Again.


The FDA is lying. Again.

Isolation Camps in New York State: A Conversation with Attorney Bobbie Anne Cox

Today we remember.

Now, for a moment of Zen

Watch: Hawaii Governor Josh Green Slips Up and CONFIRMS THE “SMART CITY” LAND GRAB

BRIAN O'SHEA (Dr. N Wolf's husband) writes a stunning substack in response to New Mexican Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham's and her 30 Day Ban on Conceal & Carry is Being Pushed Under the Mask of

mRNA Vaccines Go Airborne: How to Protect Yourself from Involuntary Vaccination

The latest attempt to get you to eat zee bugs

Why does waterfront-estate-and-private-jet-owner, climate-grifter-eugenicist Bill Gates wants to chop down trees?

Why does waterfront-estate-and-private-jet-owner, climate-grifter-eugenicist Bill Gates wants to chop down trees?

Share this with kids, teens, young adults

Warning: using earbuds, a digital step-counter, or any 'wearable' can be dangerous to your mental health

Short post quoting an email from a physician who's part of a huge anti-tyranny/medical-freedom G00gl3 Group

American Thinker: They're spying on your emotions

COVID-19 Vaccine Induced Injuries and Government Compensation

Climate Alarmist Propaganda: What is it people refuse to see?

Casper, Wyoming Invaded by San Francisco Zombies

Some "poetry" that's enough to make you sick

Exactly What Is Behind The UN & WEF Insects As Food Agenda? [Updated]

The Exposé: Bill Gates is funding a scheme to cut down 70 million acres of forests in North America

This is their new face diaper-Ukraine flag.

Was chatting with a pal on TwiXter, about whether Elon will require biometrics to stay on his psy-app

Here We Go: Rumors of Ebola-Like Illness at Burning Man

It's definitely a thing -- but to what degree it's hastening total biosphere collapse, I'm no expert

Maui Fires and Directed Energy Weapons

About those 'Grim Milestones'

Fakt-chekas at the AP are debunking, which can mean one thing only

Crisis Update: New Lockdowns As Popular Unrest Looms

Norway LOCKED man in psychiatric ward for questioning mRNA shots

Fauci declares lockdowns were 'absolutely justified' and suggests they should be used again to force vaccinations

A list of things

Five 'American' cities are slated to go SMART

WARNING: Here We Go Again

It's called the Streisand Effect

PSYOP-23 Rising: Mockingbird MSM Activated For Followup "Pandemic"

WHO Convenes First High-Level Global(ist) Summit To Co-opt Traditional Medicine In Order To Accelerate Their "Health" Takeover

Mass Murder and the West Maui Land Grab

Meet Javier Milei: Argentina's presidential front runner is an unapologetic champion for human freedom

Penske Media's Animus Towards RFK, Jr.

Wireless Telecommunications Facilities (WTF)

Friday November 9, 2012 21:00 hours This vaccination will be a poison and will be presented under a global healthcare plan

Sorry to be so black-pilled...

Maui - Plans for A High Tech Prison Island?

A Challenge to Climate Scientism(™)

P.S. On Chip Girl

It's so convenient! What's taking so long?

'Climate Change' is Turning Our Planet into Hell on Earth

"Subscribing to LA Times Requires Binding Arbitration Agreement...for Starters" by Daniel Guss

"Waaaaaaa!" go the extinction cult crybabies

"Scotland cuts down 16 million trees to develop wind farms"

1968 It Began With The Club of Rome

Robert F Kennedy Jr. Sues Google and YouTube Over Constant Censorship

This is VERY sus.

The Great Dystopia Quickening: Illegal Invaders Policing DEATHVAX™ Compliance En Route To Permanent PSYOP-CLIMATE-CHANGE Lockdowns

COGSEC - The Ministry of Truth

Defining & understanding the history of 'woke'

At the Mercy of the Big Banks

Res Ipsa Loquitur

Lessons Learned from "Covid Pandemic" Applied for "Climate Change"

Why are the Big Banks Targeting COVID Dissidents?

Hoo boy: This bodes very ill for, well, me.

Linguistic technology: How the left captured climate change

WEF Says CBDCs Must Be ‘Implanted Under Your Skin’ if You Want To Participate in Society

UNDER THE DOME: Demonic D.C. Is Getting Increasingly Tough To Ignore

Ridicule is the way. Be brave. Don't cave.

Is truth the new hate speech?

This could quite possibly be the most horrific existence you can imagine

The Origins of Transgenderism Revealed

Congressional Uniparty Votes Down Amendment For Airlines To Reinstate Pilots That Rejected "Vaccine"

Technocrat says quiet part out loud: A Digital ‘World ID’ will soon be mandatory for anyone who wishes to partake in day-to-day functions of society

There's nothing benign about this.

Banking Insider Warns CBDCs Will Be Implanted Chips

Hurry, before the stroke of midnight!

"Fully Vaccinated" Covid 'Advisor' MD Passes Out In Bathroom, Wakes Up In Pool Of Blood With Fractured Neck, Blames Shower Steam and Urges People to "Get Vaccinated"

If your neighbor tries to make small-talk about the 'hottest days' news...

To those of us on Team Awareness, this is old news

3 Crises - Untimely Deaths And Baffled Voices

My Fellow American Patriots of Faith

Colonel Douglas Macgregor Goes Full On Apocalyptic: "I Don't Think We'll Ever Get To The 2024 Election"

Synergistic pairing of ivermectin and fenbendazole found HIGHLY EFFECTIVE at preventing and treating cancer

Dr. Mike Yeadon Comments on "There Was No Pandemic" by Denis Rancourt

BACK IN STOCK: PetDazole: Pharmaceutical Grade Pure Fenbendazole

Homeowner Locked Out Of Amazon Account (and 'SMART' Home Devices) Over False Racism Accusation

In light of atmospheric conditions in NYC at the moment

Opinion From a Former Judge

No more half measures! The system must be defeated.

Now they're playing the antisemitism card

We're all a Vegemite sandwich.


You Are Not Alone, Anger Is Building Across The World!

'Ew gross, what a weirdo' is the right reaction.

The Fascist,Totalitarian, Authoritarian,Nazi State of California

Crow got your tongue?

Paul Stanley from KISS tweeted THIS

Happy Friday!

Remember: these people are Nazis, Fascists, and Communists

EEKS: Grammar-typo!

I'm just paranoid.

Binder, MD:"All myths of the prevailing corona narrative are made up out of a fact-free vacuum"

Another cOnSPiRaCy tHeOrY becomes reality

Some NOPE for you

Sobering look at our late stage republic

A really well done short documentary

Robert Smigel's TV Funhouse

Sure, totally normal...and random...and RARE, of course

Elon sort of screwed me.

History is rhyming. Don't let it repeat.

Dark comedy

Western World Victims of the Climate Apocalypse Psy-Op

Eat your lipid nanoparticles and shut up.

Using the word 'woke' actually harms the pro-truth, anti-evil movement.

You will eat zee bugs & zee mRNA lipid nanoparticles! *Also, do you use a VPN? Pack a toothbrush.

The only video you need to see today

Some tweets containing some news you may not have heard

The kids are not all right.


Random tweets about random things that are not randomly related






EXCELLENT ADVICE at no cost to you!

Follow the money never had so much resonance.

Please read this. I can't cross-post it.

A PR flack who works in 4th Industrial Revolution Tech just emailed this pitch


Is this the Achilles' Heel?

Around the globe: war, warming 🤣, and warning

The Billionaire Depopulation Lizard People aren't just issuing empty threats

Sleepwalking toward tech totalitarianism...important thread

The World Economic Forum's outsized influence & fascistic fantasy

On January 8, this 'Stacker 'stacked about the egg crisis

In honor of (tomorrow) 2/22,2nd Amendment Day...

How To Resist CBDCs - 5 Ways You Can Opt Out Of This Dystopian Future

As California goes, so goes the nation (as the saying goes).

The slow, soft roll-out of digital IDs (for your safety & security)

The New York Times

We're supposed to be impressed & afraid at the same time

One more (way they're controlling your mind)!

An abundance of ways your taxes are being used to silence you

I'm sure I'm just being paranoid.

Things you must know about

Boiling frog is on the menu!

What'd'ya get when you introduce evil to stupid? The CDC

They (™) are now trying to destroy comedian & activist Jimmy Dore

A quick thank you!


Beware the programmable CBDC

I'm resending this so all subscribers have access

Why Intolerance is the only way to survive war

@EmilyTVProducer Goes Off (super duper raw!) & a few other things...

Carbon, Currency, and Covid

"Start putting your foot down, people."

Delete syringe; insert chip

It's a bird. It's a plane. No, it's a distraction.

The Biden Administration wants to lock up a meme maker for satire

Unmasking the truth about masks - PART 2

Unmasking the truth about masks - PART 1

About the ongoing campaign to eliminate human rights and even humanity as we know it...

Bill Gates' picture should be on the cover of the DSM-5

Gavin Newsom wants to be president, so he can bring California's cancer to the country

The News



Cross-platform consistency: I changed the title of this Substack

Canada's fall to techno-communism

45 & Operation Warp Speed

Boiling Frog*

Here are some receipts

Bouncing around da Twitterz...

They told us they'd do it & now they're doing it.

P.S. On the EGG shortage

EGGS are the one and only story

If you don't know Chris Rufo, now's your chance to meet him

I'm pretty sure this is my Walgreens.

ONE paragraph about ONE thing that summarizes EVERY thing