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The only thing they understand is NO

Shit shots, shit-heads, and sure things

Do not adapt. Do NOT comply.


Biden is meant to trigger us

These are my 2 dogs.

Res Ipsa Loquitur

Department of Human Subjugation

Tweets about Hell (on Earth)...

Working my way up to a podcast...

Biden is a tyrant

This must stop.

What's on my mind is now in your face!

The evil have defiled our world. But we won't stop fighting.

They Are Making Fun of YOU As They Demoralize YOU

Will SBF get away with it? International hurdles and corrupted elites may block justice for the crypto fraudster

I couldn't have said it better myself.

The evil we face actually has a face

Sam Bankman-Fried: the Bernie Madoff of Crypto


Moving right along

Odds & Ends: Pre-End-Times Edition

Brazil Lies Matter

Godwin's law

Pandemic AMNESTY? Fuck that: We demand REPARATIONS!

Someone blindfold this fool & stick a gag ball in his mouth.

Rucker: Digital IDs Are Coming to America and Nobody's Paying Much Attention

I hate to overuse #DeathCult, but #DeathCult - open this


Greening of the planet is a dirty business

NOW was their future & their future is now (part 3)

NOW was their future & their future is now (part 2)

NOW was their future & their future is now (part 1)

Reminder: A “Peaceful Culling” is Underway

And now for something completely different


Red or Black-Pilling the willing...

F#ck off, #warmongers 2.0

What a POS

F#ck off, #warmongers

Attack of the censors

Reposting a fellow 'stacker:the binary arms race between citizen and state

Vindication for #TrueTheVote?

Globalist Elites are so humble!

Quick thing

Public Health: Is it an excuse for tyranny?

Random tweets containing important things

Skeeters, salad, and suppression

Prepare for the worst

The Boston Tea Party 2.0

The Good

Bill Gates: Philanthropist

We are on the brink of apocalypse

A whole bunch of evil shit

Central Bank Digital Currencies are the Bullet Train to Digital Concentration Camps

Bill Gates, Justin Trudeau, George Soros #MustGo

The *Time's* now to take out the garbage

TOBY ROGERS: I just received a 30 day Facebook ban for this bit of satire

The only injection you need

Corruption, Cover-up, and Confrontation

How to be Anti-American

Education Matters

The darkness is very dark

Countdown to Medical Tyranny

Every time they punch, punch back harder

Booby Trap Boosters

This is my brain on stress

One of the most important threads of our time - Part 3 of 3

One of the most important threads of our time - Part 2 of 3

One of the most important threads of our time - Part 1 of 3

Am I the only one who noticed?

It didn't have to end this way

About those 'Grim Milestones'

Attention Citizens: Do Not Take the Bait

The Grift

Put Sheep on Notice: It's Gonna Get Real (sic) Bad

What did Diana know?

Here go the Marxist Inverters (part 2)

Here go the Marxist Inverters

Schwab & Soros are just puppets...

A black pill to brighten your day

...And they're coming for the Amish

Bugs: the gateway snack to people

A quick trip down the rabbit hole

The Hen Guarding the Hen House

The 'Critical Race Theory' Curriculum Shell Game

Liars & psychos in the world predicted by Orwell

The World Economic Forum wants you braindead or dead-dead

They're 'tenderizing' you.

Even if you read only up to the list of vaccines, read this

Hold the line

Invasion of the Body Snatchers

If you bought an EV to save on gas, good on you (sic)

Duh, of course they're coming for your kids.

4 random things to check out

Warming up for the IRL Hunger Games!


How quercetin works its magic

Intermission Part 2


This is why Pharma wants the government to regulate supplements (more)

An emergency call to action

I cannot believe we're living in this time of such utter corruption.

What the actual...? (Take 2)

Thank you for reading my stuff

The Elites' War on Humanity


Some bullshit-killing tweets 'n stuff

STUFF the approved internet censors or suppresses

We can have OUR 'Summer of Rage' too

Why you actually DO need an AR-15

Coming soon: Why you do need an AR-15

The Delisting of Tesla

Covered wagons and mules: 2022 edition

This thread must be read

The Most Important Thing You Will Ever Read

They are coming for you.

F#ck the New World Order in 10 Tweets

Vicious Barshous


Of Men and Monsters

Good Germans will help crush dissent

I'm not sayin'

Without an understanding of what's being widely reported...

Blowing Off Steam

World War 3 & The 4th Industrial Revolution

I have serious issues with the prevailing narrative on Russia-Ukraine.

If you had any doubt that the U.S. can fall too...


Normalizing the Abnormal


Well, now we know why Hollywood's Brightest Stars get an option that we dim peasants don't.

My email to an LA City councilman & why it matters to you

Recommended reading

An Open Letter to My Bank & the Credit Monitors (cont'd)

An Open Letter to My Bank & the Credit Monitors

Some of the Harshest Barshest tweets from the past couple of days

Recommended reading (3) & subscriptions (2)

I told you so.

Demons & dunces at Los Angeles County Public Health Department

Ten single-sentence things that are true

How to know if you're a California standards


Dispatch from Dystopia

Coming soon