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Thank you so much for your great journalism and your expertise.

Are you familiar with a brilliant man, named Dr. Andreas Noack who was a German scientist and expert on Graphene Oxide? He was so courageous and he was trying to warn humanity about the Covid-19 [Death Jabs] so-called Vaccines 💉 having nanotubes of very sharp particles of Graphene Oxide, derived from carbon. He and another scientist discovered these nanotubes of “Small Sharp Razor Blades that were intentionally put in the Vaccine Vials. He warned us about these people who are murderers.” Dr. Noack was doing a Livestream on YouTube from his home in Germany suddenly he was interrupted by a group of police “NAZIS” who broke his door down, entered into his home, screamed at him to get down on the floor, turned off his cameras and arrested him for trying to save Humanity. He was attacked by some sort of deadly weapon and he died days later.

I will always remember him as a hero!

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